The Alpine hut is owned by the Borgnone Patriciate who, thanks to the contributions of many supportes and of what was the Locarnese National Park project (an extraordinary opportunity that has unfortunately been scrapped), renovated the smaller cabin. This is the first step of a redevelopment intervention of the entire alp pasture,  with the aim of making available a comfortable refuge reachable
from Centovalli, from Onsernone Valley and from Vigezzo Valley.
Equipped with six beds, it was inaugurated on 29 July 2017 and is now available for excursionists who want to discover this enchanting region of the High Centovalli.

In this way we hope to keep alive the memory of the past and revive a valuable valley resource.

Mountain enthusiasts are able to  financially support this initiative through the following account:

Amministrazione Patriziale di Borgnone,

Progetto Rifugio Corte Nuovo, CH18 8028 1000 0014 4989 6

Banca Raiffeisen Centovalli Pedemonte Onsernone, 6653 Verscio

If you wish to book an overnight stay, please write to

For more information please visit the PATRIZIATO DI BORGNONE website